Monday, 3 May 2010

The Ugly Bug Ball

Come on, let's crawl, To the Ugly Bug Ball, And a happy time we'll have there, One and all, At the Ugly Bug Ball!

Of course these bugs are far from ugly

By Artdefleur 'Spider Cuff Links'

By deeartplace 'A Bug That Doesn't Bite'

By DorsetHillBeads Fun and Funky Dragonfly Earrings

By adamsonglass 'Dichroic Centipede'

By AardvArt 'Itsy Bitsy Spider'

By a1debsglass 'Mistress Ladybug'

Monday, 29 March 2010

Beautiful blues

There are so many gorgeous things to choose from when looking through CGGE members shops it is difficult decide on a theme or even which pieces to including in my blog posts. Today I am focusing on blues and you are in for a treat.

by Aardvart this gorgeous rich blue coloured slumped bottle has the added touch of a delightful clover medallion.

by CosmicGlassStudio this pretty and unique frit heart

by chris1 awesome blue dichroic ring

by catldy99 pretty lampwork and beaded iris earrings

by DesertRoseArtGlass elegant blue and green necklace

by Eccentricity this pendant has a lovely shimmering effect.

by CCValenzo a stunning peacock pendant.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A Little Bird Told Me.... is the colour for valentines. So here's a small selection of red gifts that any valentine would love to have

I love this cute little red bird
by Glassprimitif

Flashy red pendant with an abstract accent unique!
by GloriaLynnGlass

A fun funky modern hearts dish
by glassmagic

This ring has a beautiful eye catching glow
by GetGlassy

This abstract modern sushi platter would look fabulous on any table
by drewjaeger

Eccenricity always has the most original ideas this lovely pot melt pendant is really one of a kind
by Eccentricity

The Birdy better watch out fo this cutie red patterned kitty
by DorsetHillBeads

Classic stained glass heart suncatcher
by DesertRoseArtGlass